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The Buitelaar Group Longhorn Scheme

Dairy Farmer Benefits -

  • Naturally easy calving
  • Short gestation
  • Spritely, vibrant calves
  • Peace of mind
  • Premium prices
  • Commercial security

Become part of a story...

Consumers are increasingly looking for high quality, sustainably sourced beef that offers both extraordinary taste and a rich history to it. In response, we have introduced the Longhorn Scheme to create a point of difference to both the end product and the supplying dairy farmer.

Why the Longhorn?

Unlike most breeds, the Longhorn has seen little genetic interference and with a long and fascinating history, it has maintained the highly desirable attributes we require in a dairy-beef sire. 

Hear from our farmers...

I get the assurance of a fixed price going forward, removing some of the volatility in the marketplace.
Michael Oakes – Dairy Farmer (UK)

Before we were put in touch with Buitelaar, the return we were getting on farm was really poor. It’s been nice to now see a return for our hard work and have an outlet for our calves. The fact we’re getting a great price, really drives you to produce better beef animals.
Susie Mottershead - Dairy Farmer (UK)

We are delighted with our first Longhorns born on our farm here in Tullamore, a set of twins!! We are very happy with the new Buitelaar Longhorn scheme and hope to kick on with more Longhorn inseminations this year. The guaranteed market and strong price are very attractive factors of the scheme.
Ollie Neville – Dairy Farmer (Ire)

Gale Farm Shetland... 

Gale Farm Shetland is our WWS Buitelaar Longhorn Scheme qualified sire! He is available to purchase through your local WWS Genetics Consultant or via He is priced at €12 per straw, with unbeatable WWS volume discounts available.

Join an ambitious, progressive and aligned supply chain and benefit from calf premiums as we are actively look for Longhorn sired calves from dairy herds. Qualifying herds must have a cow live-weight average of over 600kg to ensure calves are in spec. 

Please note that the Buitelaar Longhorn Scheme is currently running in specific counties only, with plans to expand further in the near future. Please get in contact today if you would like more information on how to join the Buitelaar Group Longhorn Scheme. 

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