#ThursdayThoughts-How do I breed to avoid lameness?

As well as the F&L composite helping to breed cows with better legs & feet, our bulls also have information on lameness that is provides by Zoetis’ Clarifide Plus program. This program uses genomics to give an indication of how healthy a bull’s daughters will be over a range of traits, one of which is lameness.

A bull’s lameness figure measures the risk that his daughters have of becoming lame. It is based on records from 3 million commercial dairy cows in the US. The figure is shown as a number, with 100 being the average. Above this, a bull is likely to breed

cows that have a lower risk of lameness, while below 100, the progeny are at a greater risk of lameness. The highest score a bull can have is 115.

In Ireland, work carried out by UCD estimates that the cost of a lameness case is €300. The same study also calculated the average lameness incidence in spring time to be 4%. In a herd of 100 cows, that’s a loss of €1200 due to lameness. So, maybe it’s time to look at the lameness figures of bulls?

CASPER, a HANG-TIME x BOMBERO x MOGUL, is a bull that has a lameness score of 105. Contact us today for more info!

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