OptiFeed- Bred for Optimum Efficiency

Trouble free cows that convert feed into milk at high levels are profitable cows. With rising feed costs, dairy farmers around the world are looking for ways to improve efficiency to increase profitability. Breeding for optimum efficiency is the primary objective of OptiFeed. By using OptiFeed Bulls, dairymen can breed cows that will increase their farms profitability.


RoboMaxx- Robotmilker Ready

RoboMaxx identifies bulls that specialize in producing daughters who perform well with minimal management and Robot Milkers. RoboMaxx focuses on sires that transmit high milk, fat and protein production, correct teat placement with adequate teat length, excellent feet and legs, and low somatic cell scores. By using these sires you can create the next generation of profitable cows for your specific milking system.


GForce Sires

Indicates a bull whose genetic evaluation is based on a combination of traditional pedigree data and genomic data but does not yet contain actual daughter data. This increases the reliability and accuracy of young sire’s genetic potential prior to the availability of actual daughter data.

Calving Ease

Calving Ease Sires

Indicates a sire that is predicted to sire calves that are born more easily than the breed average.



Indicates Wellness Trait Index™ (WT$™) sires. WT$ focuses exclusively on six wellness traits (mastitis, lameness, metritis, retained placenta, displaced abomasum and ketosis) and includes an economic value for Polled.