Bluelite Replenish 1.1L

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A Liquid Oral Rehydration Solution For Calves

Calf diarrhea or scours continues to be a major health problem in calves less than 2 months of age. When treating calves with diarrhea, the use of oral rehydration products are an important tool for calf raisers. Five important goals for treating diarrhea are: correcting dehydration, correcting acidosis, correcting electrolyte abnormalities (Na, K, Cl), reversing negative energy balance and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. BlueLite® ReplenishM is a palatable liquid buffered calf electrolyte formulated for the scouring calf. Providing oral rehydration with a preferred alkalinizing agent - help replenish lost nutrients during scours with BlueLite ReplenishM - for calves!

Key Functional Components: Glucose, Electrolytes, Sodium Acetate, Glycine & Betaine

Features & Benefits:

Meets recommendations of oral rehydation product (Dr. Geof Smith, NCSU)

Contains 3 recommended alkalinizing agents:  

• Facilitate Sodium absorption

• Produces and provides energy

• Maintains a low abomasal pH to decrease incidence of infection and clinical disease

Sodium Acetate

• Preferred alkalinizing agent in this type of product

Therapy for sick calves

A palatable liquid buffered calf electrolyte

Nutrient Dense Liquid Concept - provides ease of administration

• No mixing required

• Position stable - no stratification

• Eliminates powder caking issues

• Reduces labour

When to use

• Scouring calves - Recommended for use during all stages of scours

• Calves slow to drink milk

• Signs of weakness and stress

• Multiple rehydration uses

How to use

Provide 100 ml of liquid BlueLite ReplenishM into every 2 liters of water (preferably warm) consumed on a daily basis. Or provide 50 ml of ReplenishM with each milk feeding (morning and evening). In all feeding situations provide fresh water on a free-choice basis. Continue feeding BlueLite ReplenishM as necessary.

1 bottle contains 11 Calf Doses or 33 Ewe Doses

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Bluelite Replenish 1.1L

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